how to stay resistant to coronavirus

How to stay resistant to coronavirus

Not only is the virus spreading all over the world, but a crazy panic is following it.

I am grateful I live in England where people seem calm. I am originally from the Czech Republic where we have a quote about the people here: “English people are icy calm,” and that´s what I feel in the atmosphere here.

I bet people are aware of the situation, and maybe that´s why the soap and sanitizer gels sold out so quickly in many places. But in general, there is still plenty of food in the stores. And people are not fighting over any of it in the stores (at least not here in the East Midlands).

What can you do to stay safe?

These days, it is very important to stay in touch (no, I don’t mean real touch) with people online. You can create a Whatsapp group with your neighbours so, if someone ends up self-isolated, you can help them with shopping, or at least with kind words.

How to make your home resistant to Coronavirus (or any illness) with a holistic approach

The body – the physical aspect of you and your home


Make your home comfortable enough to freely move around. Ideally, also have a space where you can dance, practise yoga or any type of exercise.

The movement will help you raise energy and increase your vibration so you will become more resistant to any illnesses. 


Having a mess or clutter in your home keeps you stuck in the past and feeling sad or depressed. This is without mentioning how stressful it is when you try to find something! When you feel stressed you are more likely to “catch” illness. So declutter:)

The best articles about decluttering from Karen Kingston:

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Make your sacred space

In your home, create a space where you can stay comfortable and quiet. Keep this place just for you. It could be your favourite armchair or a pillow in a corner of your bedroom.

Meditate here, write your journal, even pray. All these will help to stay calm, even if the whole public ‘loses it’ and goes mental.

The spirit – your emotions

How do you feel at home? It is very important for your own health that you feel happy and calm in your place. There shouldn’t be any things which irritate you. Don’t forget, there might be things that you don’t see as a problem or things you just “can not” see because you let them be for so long, so they seem normal now.

On top of this, it is great to pay attention to the health zone in every room of your house and try to treat it with extra love. You can bring fresh flowers to the room, so you will smile every time you enter this room.

If you don’t know where or how to start, you can always ask for professional help. Check my services which I offer completely online.

The mind – the visual side of the interior

Pretty things make us happy.

Again when you are happy, you are more resistant to anything. Your home needs to please you when you are in. It will give you the energy you need. It will give you hope that everything is manageable. And it will support you when you feel unsafe.

It is your home and your space, where you and your family will live. Keep it nice and safe.

So, if you need any help with your home, don´t hesitate and send me a quick message

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