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Why you should hire an interior designer (me)

There are so many options for you when you decide to change your living room decor. You can do it yourself, after learning tricks from TV shows and home decor magazines. You can ask for help in Facebook groups, where people are offering help and giving opinions on what would be the best for you. Or you can hire a designer. In this article, I will explain why you should hire an interior designer and how it will help you.

However, when you try to google professional help, you probably end up with a huge headache, because it seems that everyone is an interior designer these days.

That’s why I wrote this article: to show you how I can help you.

I strongly believe that interior designers should have formal training and education for this career but I also know there are many talented designers without it.

I am lucky that in my family education was always held in high regard and my parents supported me all the way.

So, I studied lighting design at a specialist college before getting my bachelor’s degree in textile and fashion design. Then I got both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture.

If you have read my story, you will know from then until I found Feng Shui I felt that all my studies had been for nothing.

Because of all of this, I never design just a pretty room, but always a room that makes sense and helps you live a comfortable life.

Why you should hire an interior designer (me)

Personal Designer

This business has a ‘me, myself and I’ set up. For you, this means that you will always communicate only with me; I do all work by myself, so there is no one else involved. So, I don’t need to tell anyone how to create your home and risk some “lost on the way” situation.

So, if you are shy or even a little embarrassed because of your home, there is no need to worry, as it will always be only between you and me.

And I always work on only one project at a time. So you will always have all my undivided attention.

why you should hire an interior designer 
e-design julie Rawding holistic interior design

Consultation – Email

As a busy mum, I know how difficult it is to find time to sit down and have an undisturbed chat with anyone. That’s why I offer email communication because you can reply anytime at your own ease. Furthermore, all communication is in one thread and in written form, so we can go back and check that everything has been followed up.

Design Concepts – 2 options

I offer two design options even though you, as my client, usually know what you want. But, sometimes, there might be a solution you haven’t thought of, and that’s why I, as a professional, want you to see this alternative before you make a final decision.

why you should hire an interior designer
why you should hire an interior designer

Floor Plan – 2 options

Find the right position for your furniture or find space for your new home office (the one you probably didn’t need before March 2020), or just try out whether your dream open living/dining space will work.

Having a furniture plan ready before you start buying real furniture, or before you actually start moving furniture around your room, will save you plenty of money and definitely a great deal of energy.

The perfect floor plan is probably the most important reason why you should hire an interior designer

why you should hire an interior designer
why you should hire an interior designer

Advice on design and style

This is usually part of design concepts. I will consider your lifestyle with your chosen concept style. So I won’t recommend you a white sofa if you have small kids, naughty cats and a hairy husband.

Together, we – meaning you and me – will find the perfect solution for you and your family, considering everything that goes on in your home.

Finding the right design style for your home is the second most important reasons why you should hire an interior designer.

Feng Shui Recommendation

I love the magic of Feng Shui, I have tried it in our own home and I know it works. So, if you have anything on your mind that you think should be considered, or you have some worrying feeling, we can look at it together and find out how Feng Shui can help you.

When I draw a floor plan, I always keep Feng Shui rules in mind but I never respect Feng Shui more than your own needs.

For example, if you need an office desk and you are already limited with your space, I won’t push you to knock the wall down just for the sake of better Feng Shui.

Unlimited Design Revisions

During the design process (3-4 weeks), you can change your mind about your design. You can also change the furniture layout, you can add more decor, and you can change wall or furniture colours.

I know that creating the perfect home is a process and it is not done in one shot.

My aim is that you are 100% happy with a great design from me. And you can see this from what my clients say in their testimonials. 

edesign testimonial Vladka

she always tries the best solution for you

Julie is an unbelievable person. She is full of empathy, ideas, and originality. She always tries to find the best solution for her clients, in a way that the client always ends up happy. I recommend her 100%. Amazing cooperation!

Vladka Petru Horakova
e-design testimonial Alena Bahushevich

She can sense the needs of her clients

I needed to remodel my bathroom and the kids' bedroom. I have to say that the cooperation with Julie was really smooth and nice. She can sense the needs of her clients, and you will not only get an original solution but a lot of helpful advice. She can also design made-to-measure furniture as well. I really appreciated her smooth online communication. Highly recommended!

Alena Bahushevich

She is an expert in making a house home

Julie is very talented designer. She puts emphasis not only on the aesthetics but functionality as well. She is expert in making a house home. I really like her idea of having a space which brings joy. The fundamental principle of getting the basics right and then advancing to interior designing. My family room was a very challenging design but I’m really impressed how to she came up with a solution. I would 100% recommend her!

Antra Gajbhiye

Product Recommendation

Another part of my service is an interactive shopping list. With these product recommendations, you won’t be running around stores (or scouring the internet) like mad because you’ll know what you are buying.

Also, because you will have the whole concept ready, you won’t be buying home decor that won’t be a good fit for the rest of your house. In short, you will know where you’re heading 

I typically provide you with alternatives, such as similar products in different price ranges. Furthermore, I don’t just work with one company (as some designers do) I won’t be “selling” you just one shop’s products.

I have an affiliate relationship with some companies, but this does not involve limiting my choices for you. I will search for the right products for you in different places (this could even be IKEA as well as Facebook MarketPlace).

I am happy to find the right thing for you without making any commission on it.

Real Samples

With real samples of material, you will have in your hand little bits of your future room. In this way, you will be able to feel it and play around with it.

It will help you in the home decor stores because you will be able to see whether items work together or not (believe me, if you use only your imagination it will be playing tricks on you and your dream home could turn into a nightmare).

Further to this, because you will have a virtual design from me, you will see colours on your screen, and it is important to see real colours and textures.

I don’t know of anyone else offering this as a part of their e-design service.

Post design help

Many clients need a little more time to finish their room design. This sometimes happens because of their own circumstances. Sometimes because delivery was held up. Sometimes because the right product is not available.

This is absolutely fine and normal. I’d prefer for you to take your time rather than making a pricey mistake just for the sake of a quick decision.

Consequently, I decided to extend my post-design help from one month to six months. What does this mean for you?

Within these six months, you can contact me for one consultation (email or video call) and one revision of your design completely free of charge.

Visualisation and 360 panaromatic view

This is a real diamond in my e-design service. With a 360 panoramic view, you will see your home as you would see it once it is ready in real life. You will see how the colours work together and you can try different colour options for your wall or furniture, so you will be confident in your choice.

testimonial e design Vendula

The only thing we regret is that we didn’t contact you sooner!

A big 'thank you' for the beautiful designs and the nice and patient communication. We got so much inspiration and so many helpful ideas from you. We were really surprised by how much can be done online, how comfortable the communication was, and that all our follow-up questions were answered. We can't wait till we start the realisation itself. The only thing we regret is that we didn't contact you sooner!

Vendula H.

she showed me my future flat the way I would see it in real life

I struggle to visualise things in 3D, so I could not choose the right furniture, I could not decide the right colours for our walls, and I wasn't sure about the floor plan. Julie created the 3D visualization and showed me my future flat the way I would see it in real life. Thanks to her efforts, I have a clear idea of how to set up our living room. The cooperation was quick and smooth and I really appreciated the nice and friendly approach. I really recommend Julie and her work. ❤️👌

Tatiana Kuchar

If you know now why you should hire an interior designer

Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other and I can help you too

Fill the contact form or send me an email to hello@julierawdinginteriors.com

Reach out today and I’d be happy to help.

Julie is an architect and holistic interior e-designer specializing in residential holistic design and eco-friendly lifestyle. 🌱 She helps young families create a home 🏡 where they will live happily ever after 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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