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2020_07 – Antra

Concept design for a small open plan living / dining room

Turning the sofa abutting the kitchen is not exactly “normal” but like this, you will create a special zone for relaxing and a special zone for eating.

As well as having a dining table “in a way” to the door to the garden helps to break a fast flow of the energy from the entrance door.

I found some options for dining chairs, some more expensive, some IKEA. I would go for wooden type. I am worried that type you send me would not work well with the rest of the room. Another option is a grey one. It would connect the grey sofa and the marble top. We can define this later.

Layout no. 02

Layout no. 03

It will need smaller cabinet or a corner cabinet for the TV. Or maybe some system for a wall mounted TV (the way you can still move it around).