outdoor furniture with fire pit

Outdoor furniture with fire pit – Pre-designed Look

This post is for you if you dream of creating a luxurious outdoor oasis. Explore stylish rattan outdoor furniture with fire pit, perfect for cozy nights under the stars, and lush green shade solutions to keep you cool during the day. Get ready to transform your patio into a haven for relaxation and entertaining!

outdoor furniture with fire pit shopping list

Your outdoor furniture with fire pit shopping list:

1 – BUSKBO Armchair, rattan – £150

2 – BROBOCK Armchair, rattan – £139

3 – HOOLE Cast iron bwl fire pit – £99.99

4 – TOLKNING Room divider, handmade rattan – £99

5 – In&Outdoor Rug Taro Black/White – £39.95

6 – Block parasol 230×190 – £217.95

7 – Soft Spot solar cell lamps black – £142.85

8 – Wool pot – black & white jewel – £40

9 – Charlie Plant Pot – Black washed – £47.99

10 – Summit Grey Porcelain 60x90cm – £14.55/tile on sale

11 – Bola Artstone Plant Pot – Grey – £38.99

12 – Floor Cushion Beni Ourain – £198.00

13 – Way Outdoor cushion 70x50cm – £84.16

14 – Hammam Towel, Bottle green&cream stripe – £40.00

15 – ARKET – Beach Mattress – £77.00

16 – RAFFIA basket Black & Natural – £55.00

Total outdoor furniture with fire pit look: £1,469.88

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