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360° Interior Design Service

See the future of your space before moving a single chair

Are you tired of the doubt that comes with home renovations?
The frustration of investing time and money, only to end up with a space that doesn’t match your vision?

I understand, and I am here to change the game.

🛋️ The Planning Phase Dilemma

Have you ever struggled with trying to imagine your ideal space?

Planning can be overwhelming, and without a clear picture, you risk making choices you might regret later. Say goodbye to the guesswork and anxiety!
The 360 interior design service offers you the power to plan it with confidence. I will help you to transform your ideas into stunning visualizations that give life to your imagination. With a clear plan in hand, you’ll step into the next phase with excitement, knowing exactly what awaits you.
It is your new home, and it needs to meet YOUR needs.

👁️‍🗨️ The “Seeing is Believing” Gap

How many times have you purchased furniture or decor, only to realize they clash with your space’s reality?

It’s a common pitfall when you can’t truly see it before committing. But don’t worry!
The 3D visualisations bridge the gap between imagination and reality. See your revamped space as if you’re standing right there. Adjust colours, textures, and layouts until it’s perfect. No more costly mistakes or disappointing outcomes.

🌟 Transforming “Living it”

Imagine waking up in a room that perfectly aligns with your vision.

The harmony of colours, the comfort of the layout, and the sheer satisfaction of knowing your investment was well-placed. The 360 virtual interior design service doesn’t just stop at visualization – it transforms how you live it. No more wishing for changes or compromises; experience your dream space every single day.

Client testimonials

It prevented us from buying unsuitable furniture

After endless hours spent on Pinterest searching for inspiration, it became a time of hopelessness, where I would start off looking at nice lamps but end up still there after 5 hours lost and confused.

At that stage, I reached out to Julie. She helped me out of this spiral, advising me on how to choose furniture, put colors together, and especially how to “agree” with my partner on some details.

She helped me to find the direction I actually wanted to go in and then, at the end of our journey, I received some amazing visualizations with some handy tips and advice.

The final design of our new bedroom is just perfect! I am very happy that I decided to ask for help because it stopped me from losing my mind and it prevented us from buying unsuitable furniture. Many thanks to Julie for her professional and fast work. I highly recommend her!

Ter Ka

Best Designer Everrrrr

Julie designed my entire rental and it was such a great experience. I will definitely use her services in the future when we decide to build or buy. There’s absolutely nobody else I’d choose. Although I’m on a different continent than her it was never an issue. I loved her original designs and followed through with all of them for each room. We clicked right away. Her natural gift for design is obvious along with her pleasant personality. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our next projects!

Julie Pippen

Julie creates visualisations very quickly and her work is very realistic.

Julie creates visualisations very quickly and her work is very realistic. Furnishing and details help to visualize how the future interior will look. I also love the 360 panoramic view, where you can see the whole room, including both the floor and ceiling. Julie uses the real textures of materials so you don’t need to worry that the visualisation will be different from the real room.

Eva Kubíčková

She is an expert in making a house home


Julie is a very talented designer. She puts emphasis not only on the aesthetics but functionality as well. She is expert in making a house home. I really like her idea of having space which brings joy. The fundamental principle of getting the basics right and then advancing to interior designing. My family room was a very challenging design but I’m really impressed how to she came up with a solution. I would 100% recommend her!

Antra Gajbhiye

Definitely want Julie to work with us again

“Julie quickly, precisely and above our expectations realized ideas of a new visualization of our living room and nursery. We intend to turn the nursery into a dining room. I highly recommend her work. In the future, we are going to refurbish our parent’s house. We definitely want Julie to work with us again. I’m looking forward to it.”

Simona Brown

She can sense the needs of her clients

e-design testimonial Alena Bahushevich

I needed to remodel my bathroom and the kids’ bedroom. I have to say that the cooperation with Julie was really smooth and nice. She can sense the needs of her clients, and you will not only get an original solution but a lot of helpful advice. She can also design made-to-measure furniture as well. I really appreciated her smooth online communication. Highly recommended!

Alena Bahushevich

I can’t wait to cooperate on further designs

Lida Zahradnickova Testimonial

From my personal outcome, I achieved an absolutely perfect design solution for our kids’ bedroom. I can’t wait to cooperate on further designs in future. Thank you!!

Lidus Zahradnickova

Happy Clients

Years of experience

Open plan living

Bedrooms of dreams

Hi, I am Julie

architectural designer and the founder of Julie Rawding Interiors

A designer who will listen to what you want, understand your style, and make suggestions for how to achieve the look you've always wanted.

Even though I have an architectural degree, I left my office job 8 years ago to follow my dream of being a homestay mum, and building my own interior design business.

Julie Rawding Interiors Photo - Holistic Interior Design

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