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I firmly believe that a lovely home is essential for our well-being, and my journey of learning about holistic online interior design began with the reconstruction of our own house in Malta, where we once lived.

I remember when I first put the two picture frames in our bedroom…

My husband was working like mad,  trying to finish our house, but we weren’t happy. Our energy was very low and the excitement of living in our own house near the sea was leaving us.

I knew I just had to do something to make our house feel like our home (or at least one room).

That’s why I set up the pictures in our bedroom. The frames matched our curtains and the vintage pictures showed classic film stars having fun. These weren’t random choices. My husband has collected vintage postcards and film posters for years.

We were both pleasantly surprised by how much the energy levels rose in the room and how much happier the place both looked and felt, and us along with it!

It wasn’t always this way…

Living in a house resembling a building site for so long nearly killed our love for a nice living space.

We were just living in survival mode, making sure basic things like water and lights were working.

The living room turned into a storage space, and the kitchen was a maze of construction materials.

But with those few additions in the bedroom, I no longer minded that we had  a temporary storage room for building materials in the living room. I didn’t even care that every time I went to the kitchen I had to step over a sack of cement.

Honestly, I was just glad that I had a space – a clean space – where I could sleep at night and actually dream about our perfect life.

Then our first daughter was born.

My father came to visit us and asked me if he could help me to wash the windows.

I was happy he wanted to help me, but at the same time, it was so embarrassing.

I was holding our little Zoe and said: “That’s OK, don’t worry about it. It will be dirty again soon, anyway”.

Despite what I said, my father took the cloth and started working: “It is not good and never will be. Believe it or not, It is affecting your mood and your behaviour.”

After a few minutes, sunshine was coming into our kitchen again. And I felt thousands of times better.

Julie Rawding - holistic online interior design

This was a truth I had overlooked, despite my education in lighting design, textile and fashion design, and a Master’s degree in architecture.

Motivated by this, I explored Feng Shui and holistic interior design. Understanding how our surroundings impact us became my mission. Now, armed with knowledge and experience, I’m here to guide you.

Imagine your home becoming a happy place again. It’s entirely possible with simple changes and a bit of guidance.

You don’t need to dive into complex books or figure things out alone. Let me be your friendly guide in creating a joyful and harmonious living space for you and your family.

There is no need to stress or become an expert overnight. Reach out to me, and together, we can transform your home into a haven that radiates happiness and warmth.

holistic online interior design

Quick Facts About Julie

  • I designed my first online interior design project in 2008 (yes, at that time, no one even knew that e-design / online design was a thing).
  • Most of the time, I manage projects with clients just via emails — no Zoom call needed (unless you prefer them!).
  • I have had clients in more than 10 different countries.
  • I have lived in three different countries myself. Born in the Czech Republic, lived in Malta for 8 years, and now living in Nottingham, UK.
  • Even though I have a Master’s degree in architecture, I left my steady office job to follow my dream of being a homestay mum, and building my own interior design business.
  • I can guarantee your complete satisfaction with both the design process and the final holistic online interior design. The contract is not fulfilled until the client is 100% happy. 

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