How to style a grey living room

How to style a grey living room? What colour goes with grey in a living room? Is grey a good colour for the living room? What goes with grey walls in a living room? What colour furniture does go with grey walls? Are these your questions? Then, keep reading

How should you style a grey living room?

Just imagine you have a room with grey walls, a simple white sofa, one white cabinet, grey shelves, a photograph of a boat on the water, which reminds you of your lovely holiday last year and a couple of nice big plants. How would you style it?

With a grey background, you can do almost anything. I am going to show you how to style a grey living room in three popular interior styles, but really the options are endless.

Scandinavian style

Grey colour is a great start for a living room in a Scandinavian style as Scandinavian style is famed for light neutral colours with a combination of wood and other natural materials.

So, if we take grey as a base colour on your walls, you can then combine this with wooden furniture and minimalistic style home decor. Keep the colour scheme simple. Grey, white, wood and a lot of greenery. You can also add either a rug with a geometric design or any other type of rug in the Scandinavian style. If you are looking for a small coffee table, check out these tree stump side tables. This type of side table adds an extra dimension to your room.

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Industrial style

Industrial style takes inspiration from warehouses, factories and other industrial structure. You can easily customize this style for your own home. Just don’t forget the typical signatures of this style – bare brick wall, metal, wood and recycled/reclaimed materials. It is a great style as well for a Mancave home office.

A grey colour base would be great even for an industrial style. if you can’t – or don’t want to – strip your walls, you can put up brick wallpaper on one wall to get the overall feeling of an old factory. The colour combination for this concept is black, brown leather, and brick orange. You can’t go wrong by adding a cowhide rug, metal accessories, cage lamp and dark curtains.

Contemporary style

Adding a splash of yellow is exactly the right way to brighten up a grey living room. If you need to effectively change the colour scheme in a room, the best way is to change the curtains as they cover a large area and are an eye-catch point. So if you change them, you change the whole room.

If you are adding colour, don’t do it randomly. It should follow some pattern and be distributed in the right proportions. You can try the designer’s formula 60:30:10 – when 60% is a colour of walls, floor and large furniture items, 30% curtains, rugs and small items of furniture and 10% is accessories, wall art and cushions. The colour scheme can be topped up with small black and white accessories.

The colour yellow is great if you want to feel happy and if you need to raise energy levels in your home. Yellow is like the Sun. No one can be upset if yellow is around ๐Ÿ™‚ On top of this, yellow and grey are the colours of the year 2021, so enjoy this special combination – Full of positivity with yellow and practical and rock-solid grey.


What colour of the furniture goes with grey walls?

It really depends on your decision about your overall interior style. But there are timeless combinations you can’t go wrong with eg. oak furniture or furniture in black or white. Other colour combinations are also possible but it is very important that you try them before you buy them. I offer a 3D visualisation of your room so you will have a pretty clear idea if your combination works for you or not.
You know there are definitely more than 50 shades of grey, so be careful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Is grey a good colour for the living room?

Grey is a great colour – and not just for living rooms – because it is a colour of stability, steadiness and firm foundation. However, it is very important that it is paired with other colours for a nice feeling of either contrast or harmony. Otherwise, your room ends up bland with no personality. Check another colour combination example of a grey living room here.

Do green and grey go together?

Yes. Both colours can be find in nature so in the right proportions you can create a really nice and balanced room.

grey living room with yellow and green

Is light grey a warm or cool colour?

It depends on the undertone of the grey. If the undertone is blue or green it would be on a cool spectrum. Alternatively, if there is red or yellow in it, it will be warmer.

Do beige and grey go together?

Yes. Both are neutral colours and can make really nice combinations. Just keep in mind that it might end up looking too neutral. So you will always need to add something to the room, maybe black or wood accessories etc.

How do you add warmth to a grey room?

The easiest way to add warmth to a grey room is by adding a warm colour eg. yellow, as mentioned above. Another way is to add warmth with a rug or a throw with interesting textures. A really great combination for grey walls is a wooden floor in a nice warm brown or golden colour.

Grey living room conclusion

As always – first, make a decision about your overall style and what kind of a feeling are you trying to achieve. If you are not sure, I have a special meditation that will help to find your style and colour combinations. Then you can look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Be prepared that you might end up feeling confused when you check all these sources of inspiration. Don’t be horrible to yourself and give yourself enough time to think this through. Grey is a great colour and you can do a lot with it. Creating a perfect home is a process and it needs time.

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