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Interior design style – How to find yours

Ever wish you could have a more stylish home?

My “Perfect Home for Your Soul” is everything you need to get a clear idea of what needs to be done in your home.

When you were trying to find your interior design style, you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram so impressed by all these stylish interiors. You love them all. That dark bedroom you saw – amazing! That Scandinavian-style living room? Love it completely! And don’t forget that Victorian-style bathroom – absolutely in love with it!

When you looked again at all those pictures you saved you see it is one big mess.

You have no preferred style – you love everything!

And that is just in the virtual world, when you look around yourself in your own home it is the same. You love everything and you somehow put it all together.

You put together what your parents gave you; some stuff is still from your childhood. Then your partner added some of their childhood too, not to mention that you have beautiful presents from your in-laws too. Of course, you bought a perfect throw on sale and the colours on the walls are a lasting reminder of you how strongly you disagreed about it in the DIY store.

Ultimately, you have no idea of what your perfect interior style would be; that perfect style that would make your home your own.

Imagine there is a guided meditation during which you envision exactly the perfect place.

A place where you feel happy, a place where the colour scheme makes sense, a place where you know why furniture is in a particular style.

Imagine you can see this clearly and you are able to transfer your vision over to your real life. Because finally, you will understand why you like bits from one style and bits from another one. You will clearly see the perfect colour scheme for your soul. You finally feel happy.

That’s exactly what I want to give you.

How to find your ideal interior design style

I love to help women to find their style. I believe we all have our perfect answer within. The easiest way to find your perfect home is with my guided meditation.

With Perfect Home for Your Soul you’ll find:

  • the perfect place your soul wants to live (eg: near the sea, close to a forest, in an exciting city)
  • your ideal type of home (ie: small cottage, modern villa, townhouse, large apartment)
  • the perfect colour scheme for your happy soul
  • the type of furniture you would love around you
  • the ideal interior design style for you, even though you would not know what to call it

And yes, all this is possible. Within 10 minutes you will have a clear idea of what needs to be done in your home.

Thank you for bringing back my lost memory.

The meditation was awesome. It relaxed me a lot. Though there was a strange thing, the house I saw in during the meditation was very diff to my liking or my design style. In real life, I wouldn’t prefer to live there. It was a huge Victorian house but I like ranch or mid-century houses with simple decor and lots of light.
Actually, now I remember this was the house I used to dream of when I was a kid but as I grew up my design style, country, preferences changed. But my subconscious was holding on to the image 🙂
Thank you for bringing back my lost memory. 😄😇

Anna Par

excellent resource to visualize your whole dream home

“This meditation by Julie Rawding Interiors is an excellent resource to visualize your whole dream home. I was stuck with my own home office makeover, and this helped me to get started. Julie gently and calmly guides you through the visualization while your eyes are closed. It is best to do this when you are alone and have some peace and quiet. In the end, I was able to see in my mind’s eye what my ideal space would look like. Julie offered me this meditation in exchange for a review, but I did offer to pay for it, and it is worth the money!”

Julie Ann Shahin

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