Interior design style – How to find yours

interior design style - guided meditation

Are you tired of staring at those blank walls,
not knowing where to start with decorating your home?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there
and unsure about your unique interior design style?

“Find Your Own Style” is here to rescue you from the design dilemma and unleash your inner interior guru!

This guided meditation experience is like no other – it’s a magical journey that will unlock the secrets of your soul and, above all, help you find the perfect home sweet home!

If you find yourself asking those questions, the guided meditation is for you:

💭 Is there a home style that truly represents my personality and brings me joy?
💭 What colour scheme would make me feel the happiest and most at ease in my space?
💭 How can I find furniture that aligns with my taste and makes me feel right at home?
💭 I know I have a unique style, but what exactly is it, and how can I bring it to life in my home?
💭 How can I overcome the overwhelm of decorating and start making confident design decisions?
💭 What changes can I make in my home to create a space that truly reflects my inner self?
💭 Is there a way to make my home a sanctuary where I can recharge and feel at peace after a busy day?

Here’s how your life will level up after experiencing “Find Your Own Style” guided meditation:

🎯 Absolute Clarity: Say goodbye to the guessing game! Additionally, you’ll uncover your true interior design style, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation. Most importantly, you’ll be a decorating rockstar, nailing every choice with confidence!

🏠 A Home That’s YOU: Your space will become a living, breathing reflection of your fabulous personality. Above all, get ready to strut through rooms that scream, “This is me, and I’m loving it!”

😌 Blissful Harmony: A perfect match between your soul and your sanctuary awaits. Moreover, the inner peace you’ll experience will be pure magic!

🌈 Stress-Free Decorating: Forget about overwhelm and indecision. Additionally, you’ll have a well-crafted roadmap, making decorating feel like a breeze! No stress, only success!

⚡ Boosted Productivity: Prepare to achieve superhero levels of productivity! Above all, your beautifully designed space will be the ultimate catalyst for success in all you do!

💓 Emotionally Connected: Your heart will sing with joy as you surround yourself with elements that resonate deep within. Furthermore, embrace the emotional bond that’ll make your heart skip a beat!

🌟 Empowered and Enriched: This journey is more than just a makeover; it’s a journey of self-discovery. Embrace your true self and welcome a life that’s enriched beyond imagination!

interior design style - guided meditation

🌟 Ready to Discover Your Perfect Interior Design Style for in Less Than 10 Minutes? 🌟

Find Your Style – Guided Meditation

Thank you for bringing back my lost memory.

The meditation was awesome. It relaxed me a lot. Though there was a strange thing, the house I saw in during the meditation was very diff to my liking or my design style. In real life, I wouldn’t prefer to live there. It was a huge Victorian house but I like ranch or mid-century houses with simple decor and lots of light.
Actually, now I remember this was the house I used to dream of when I was a kid but as I grew up my design style, country, preferences changed. But my subconscious was holding on to the image 🙂
Thank you for bringing back my lost memory. 😄😇

Anna Par

excellent resource to visualize your whole dream home

“This meditation by Julie Rawding Interiors is an excellent resource to visualize your whole dream home. I was stuck with my own home office makeover, and this helped me to get started. Julie gently and calmly guides you through the visualization while your eyes are closed. It is best to do this when you are alone and have some peace and quiet. In the end, I was able to see in my mind’s eye what my ideal space would look like. Julie offered me this meditation in exchange for a review, but I did offer to pay for it, and it is worth the money!”

Julie Ann Shahin

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