What is an online interior design service? E-design? Virtual design? Remote design? All these different names describe the design service which can be delivered anywhere from everywhere, thanks to modern technology and the internet.

E-Design is an effortless way for you to get access to interior design services. You can get the same look and feel as a full interior design package, just with a much simpler process and a more cost-effective price tag.

It is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an expert’s direction but don’t require hands-on assistance along the way. You’ll be doing a bit of preliminary work and monitoring the project yourself, plus dividing up your home into manageable areas based on budget and timeline. This makes tackling design one room at a time easy and achievable in your own time.

So, you have an idea of how your home should look: you have saved millions of inspirational pictures, and you love all the home decor magazines.

But, when you go to the DIY store to choose a paint colour, your original excitement changes into a serious panic attack… 

You have no idea if the carpet will look good with your chosen paint colour; you don’t know if the curtains and the bedding clash and maybe have no idea whether the new sofa will actually fit in your living room.

Consequently, you feel so overwhelmed that you’d rather do nothing; the end result being that you become increasingly unhappy in your own home.

Wouldn’t be better if …

You wake up in your perfect bedroom, where you were actually manifesting your perfect life during your sleep. After that, you put the kettle on and while waiting for your morning coffee, you enjoy the view from your window.

You sit down with your cup and when you look around, you realize that your living room is just as perfect as those you were admiring just a few weeks ago in home decor magazines.

You couldn’t be happier…

When my husband and I were refurbishing our first house we felt so overwhelmed all the time. It took so much work and so much money… However, what was helping us along the way was our vision of the end result.

You can have a clear plan and with this in hand, you will never panic again, because you will always know what you are doing and what you want and need for your home.

How an online interior design service can help you:

👍 Working in your free time from anywhere you are
👍 You will receive an easy-to-read floor plan for your room
👍 Concept board with chosen furniture, so you will never buy anything you don’t need or something that doesn’t suit your home
👍 Photographic visualization, so you will have an exact idea of how your room will look once it is ready.

What you will receive:

🍀 personal holistic interior e-designer (me at your service)
🍀 consultation (email/messaging/call/video call)
🍀 2 design concepts
🍀 Customised easy-to-read floor plan
🍀 Unlimited revisions (during the design time)
🍀 Product recommendations (linked retail shopping list) 3-5 options per item
🍀 up to 3 months post-design support
🍀 3D digital visualization (render) of your project
🍀 BONUS 360-Degree Panoramic View

It is possible to feel nice in your home. You don’t need to be alone through all this design work.

I will help you to redesign your entire space, zone your areas, and create a stylish, cohesive home. In short, the home you have always wanted.

Thanks to the online interior design service

Your investment

Living Room / Sitting Room / Family Room / Snug / Playrooms – £1150

Master Bedroom / Guest Bedroom – £950

Kitchen/Dining Room* – £850

Office / Study / Library / Entrance hall – £750

Children’s Bedroom – £750

Bathroom/Ensuite – £950

E-design consultation – £145

*Kitchen/Dining Room – This does not include changing the layout of cabinets or sourcing any new appliances. Includes: paint colours for existing cabinets, new handles and accessories (also lighting and window treatments if necessary)

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Really happy with the result, which exceeded our expectations

Cooperation with Julie was very intensive, happy and creative. We arranged everything via email and she very patiently replied to all of our questions. She took all of our ideas and options into consideration when designing our layout. Her ideas have really added an atmosphere to our home.
I have to say that after this cooperation I see that professional input was necessary – it is like a piece of a puzzle which, if it was missing, the whole masterpiece would be incomplete.
We are really happy with the result, which exceeded our expectations, and we plan at least another consultation in the future.

Ida Zavadilova

She is an expert in making a house home

Julie is a very talented designer. She puts emphasis not only on the aesthetics but functionality as well. She is expert in making a house home. I really like her idea of having space which brings joy. The fundamental principle of getting the basics right and then advancing to interior designing. My family room was a very challenging design but I’m really impressed how to she came up with a solution. I would 100% recommend her!

Antra Gajbhiye

Best Designer Everrrrr

Julie designed my entire rental and it was such a great experience. I will definitely use her services in the future when we decide to build or buy. There’s absolutely nobody else I’d choose. Although I’m on a different continent than her it was never an issue. I loved her original designs and followed through with all of them for each room. We clicked right away. Her natural gift for design is obvious along with her pleasant personality. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our next projects!

Julie Pippen

She will understand you, your vision, and your financial budget

I can 100% recommend Julie. She will understand you, your vision, and your financial budget and she will surprise you with an original solution. For me, it was a great help – from a great woman!

holistic interior edesign testimonial radka
Radka Veselá

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