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Why do you really need a beautiful home?


Beautiful home – What our building site thought me about beautiful homes and why a beautiful home is the most important you can do for yourself.

I remember when I put the two picture frames in our bedroom…

At that time we still lived in Malta (and actually on a ‘building site’). My husband was working like mad,  trying to finish our house, but we weren’t happy. Our energy was very low and the excitement of living in our own house near the sea was leaving us.

I knew I just had to do something to make our house our home (or at least one room).

That’s why I set up the pictures in our bedroom. The frames matched our curtains and the pics showed old film stars having fun.

My husband was surprised by how much the energy level rose and how much happier the place both looked and felt.

No, it wasn’t always like this.

Our building site almost killed our passion for living in a nice environment.

Is water running? Is light working? That´s enough.

We were just surviving.

beautiful home - beautiful family

I didn’t care that instead of the living room we have a storage room for building materials. I didn’t care that every time I was going to the kitchen I have to step over the sack of cement.

I was glad that I have space (a clean space) where I can sleep at night and actually dream about our perfect life.

Then our first daughter was born.

My father came to visit us and asked me if he can help me to wash the window.

I was happy he wants to help me but at the same time, it was so embarrassing.

I was holding our little Zoe and said:

“That´s OK, don’t worry about it, it will be dirty soon anyway”.

My father took the cloth and start working:

“It is not good, and never will be. Believe it or not, It is effecting your mood and your behaviour.”

After a few minutes, sunshine was coming in our kitchen again. And I felt thousands of times better.

I was holding our new baby and realized how absurd this is it

  • studying lighting design in a collage
  • bachelor degree in textile and fashion design
  • master degree in architecture
  • years of experience as an architect in the Czech Republic and in Malta

And then I finally get it when I look out thru the nice clean window.

Our environment affects us more than we know or want to know.

When I realized the power of our own environment and how much it affects us, I started studying more and more Feng Shui.

Our bad mood could be a result of the wrong furniture layout as well as not enough light in our room.

You don’t need to read all the books about Feng Shui or try it to figure it all by your self.

Your home will be a happy place (again)

I am here to help you.