Ålesund, Norway

I can’t describe how happy I was when a client asked me for help with her open concept living room in Norway. I was probably dancing around our house in Nottingham!

It is funny because, in the end, it really doesn’t really matter whether I’m designing a house in the Czech Republic, San Francisco or Norway. But it made me happy because I was like ‘My first Scandinavian design for someone in a Scandinavian country! Yippee!’

Anyway, my client needed an open concept living room solution for their apartment in Norway. She and her husband were discussing the options for their space but they just weren’t able to agree on something. And even when they almost agreed they had no idea how it would look once it was ready.

I wrote the article about the whole proces: How to design a house in Norway in the Scandinavian style

Using 3D visualizations in my design process is the perfect solution when you and your partner cannot agree on the design. When you can see it, you are actually talking about the same thing. You don’t need to stretch your partner’s imagination when you are trying to convince him or her of your ideas.

Clear communication is just one of many benefits of 360 interior design service:

  1. Clear Vision: You can see exactly how your space will look before any work begins.
  2. Personalization: Allows you to customize and visualize design elements to match your preferences.
  3. Reduced Risk: Minimizes the risk of disappointment by ensuring alignment with your expectations.
  4. Informed Decisions: Helps you make informed choices about design options and layout.
  5. Time Savings: Speeds up the decision-making process, resulting in quicker project timelines.
  6. Cost Control: Reduces the likelihood of costly design changes by catching issues early on.
  7. Realistic Preview: Provides an accurate and realistic preview of the final design outcome.
  8. Remote Collaboration: Enables you to collaborate and provide feedback from any location.
  9. Confidence: Boosts your confidence by ensuring you are satisfied with the design direction.

Does this living room make you want to renovate your home?