compromise over decorating

Find a happy way to compromise over decorating

Experience suggests that decorating your house with your other half might be very tricky, but coming to a compromise over decorating leads to finding a way you can both feel happy in your home.

So, here are some tips and tricks for better communication between you two so that you can actually create a cohesive home where you both feel happy.

I might be lucky because my husband and I have very similar feelings when it comes to finishing off our house. We love discussing different options and we also love that thanks to our constant discussions we found a solution we initally had no idea about.

Are these discussions always easy? Am I always right? Of course not.

Very often we have to leave it for a few days before we can discuss the same topic again. You can read some ideas about great timing in my previous article Your Menstrual Cycle Can Make You A Superior Decorator

What helps us during any discussion is having visual proof before we can take any idea further. This leads me to my first tip for you

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Always talk about the same stuff

There is a big chance that when you mention “a leather chair” and in your mind see a nice and cosy room with a sheepskin on the sofa. Your husband envisions a brick wall with industrial shelves and a motorbike in the middle of the room.

moodboard leather chair - compromise over decorating
moodboard leather chair - compromise over decorating - industrial style

So, even though you ‘know’ it is the silliest thing in the whole world, let your partner speak. That’s why is very important to create a very simple mood board or concept board so you both know where you stand. Check my freebies!

It is not a competition

You both have the right to say what you like and why. The WHY here is very important. So, let’s say you love flower cups that drive your husband mad. When you dig deep you realize that it is not that you need the cups with flowers, it is that they remind you of your mum.

So, once you realise this you can either find a different reminder of your mum or your partner will need to accept that as a strong argument and you can keep these cups. Compromise over decorating is finding a way so you can both keep happy and no one is left out.

Compromise over decorating – Practical tip

When you start talking about colours and styles you like, go to Pinterest and choose images you like. Do it independently and then look at each others’ pictures. I am sure you will have a similar style but if not there will a lot you will have to talk about. There is always a way to solve the problem and find a solution for both of you.

If you feel you won’t be able to agree on anything together then the problem might be much deeper than you thought. It is not about your home but about the way you are communicating to each other. In this case, rather than a service from an interior designer, you will probably need some life coaching or couple’s counselling:)

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