A Cosy living room – How to get it right

A cosy living room is something we all want. Somewhere with a comfortable sofa where we can cuddle with our loved ones, a soft, gentle throw we can cover our-self with if we see a scary spider and a good quality candle with a pleasant smell which can help create a mystic atmosphere in the evening…

cosy living room

These days, it seems, we need a cosy living room more than ever.

During the day, It serves as a playground, classroom, office, conference room and everything in between.

In the evening, it will change to a posh bar or a cinema (or just a place where an exhausted parent or two can stare at the wall – OK you’d probably put a TV between yourself and the wall, so you don’t look like a complete lunatic!)

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A comfortable and stylish sofa.

You need the kind of sofa which, once you sit on it, you won’t want to get up from.

How to choose the right size sofa?

First of all, you really have to think whether you need a sofa.

You might think that I am nuts because ‘everybody needs a sofa’. The truth is, if you never have the time to sit down and watch TV, you probably don’t need one. Anyway, if the answer is still “yes”, the next question should be: Who is going to use it and when?

So many times I have seen families buying a huge sofa which will take up half of the room with the reasoning that they need one that BIG, because they are a big family.

Of course, you might be a big family, but how often are you all in the same room, or actually on the same sofa? Probably hardly ever, or maximum once or twice a year.

So please, be really mindful about your decision and honestly answer these two questions:

  • Do you need a sofa?
  • Who is going to use it and when?

Furthermore, you can find great tips regarding How to choose the right sofa for you on

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Throws and Cushions

cosy living room

There is no ‘cosy’ without a rug

cosy living room
cosy living room
cosy living room

You find even more inspiration in The Best Scandinavian rugs in the UK

Cosy living room lighting

When planning the lighting in your living room, always think in layers.

You will need three layers:

  • ambient
  • accent
  • task lighting

Ambient light is usually the central ceiling light or pendant light.

Accent light is used to highlight artwork or specific areas and task lighting includes floor and table/side lamps, which are great for evening reading or as an extra light when you are watching TV.

Ceiling lights

cosy living room
cosy living room

Floor lamps

Table lamps

Wall lights

cosy living room
cosy living room


When you are planning a cosy living room, never forget candles. Candles are great in winter but don’t forget them even in the warmer months. Just use some lighter fragrance – eg. lime or orange – not only do they smell gorgeous, but they also keep mosquitos away.


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