How to Build a Mum Sanctuary

This article is for all you mothers out there who need to sit down, relax and maybe daydream about some improvement in your homes or lives. Is this you? Create a perfect sanctuary for yourself; a place where you can be alone and dream freely.

First, you will need a theme, your throne and some soft furnishing, to make yourself comfortable and happy. Furthermore, don’t forget some motivational wall art, which can remind you of either what you have already achieved in your life or the journey you are on right now. If you are looking for inspiring wall art, Mapiful offers completely customizable posters. These make your sacred space really special and yours.

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Mum Sanctuary in Scandinavian style

If you love natural materials and nude colour schemes, a Scandinavian theme for your sanctuary would be perfect. In this environment, you will be able to enjoy the calming colours and you will feel relaxed in no time.

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Sanctuary in Scandinavian style

NIKI JONES – Abstract Cushion, HARLOW – Rug, Wallis Bark Texture Wallpaper Taupe, Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, SCULPTED WOOD – FLOOR LAMP, TRADITION – Fly Footstool SC9 – White, TRADITION – SC1 Fly Chair

Sanctuary for Minimalist Mom

If you love black and white and clean lines, this theme would be perfect for you. For some, it might seem too strong and too “mannish”. I know if this is your preferred space for relaxation you won’t be satisfied with “soft and fluffy”. Enjoy the simple combination of furniture and home decor. You can always go fancy with your drink or candle selection:)

Sanctuary in Minimalistic style

Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, Zara Mono Geometric Wallpaper White, BRASS DOME – PENDANT, CHARCOAL BANDED – CUSHION, RAPSON – COFFEE TABLE, LAURINO – LEATHER SWIVEL CHAIR, Merkoya – Luxury Viscose Rug

Soft and Fluffy

This sanctuary is for mums who need a really soft and safe space to dream. On this soft chair coupled with a fluffy throw, you can manifest anything great for your future.

Sanctuary soft and fluffy materials

KNITTED OCHRE – THROW, Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, RIPPLE GLASS – PENDANT, Classic Wood Panel Wallpaper Blue, JUNIPER TASSEL – CUSHION, Vetro – Table Lamp, Dusty Nude Pink, TIMOTHY OULTON – CABANA YETI CHAIR, Bodhi – Wool Handtuft Rug, FAUX FUR – THROW

Japandi style

Japandi style is a combination of natural Scandinavian interior style and Japanese minimalism. It is a style with clean lines and utilizing soft and natural materials. Complete this simple design with a lot of greenery (real or faux).

Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, BRASS DROP – PENDANT, Fes – Textured Cotton Cushion, LARGE FAUX FERN – POTTED PLANT, Enzo – Round Jute Rug 150cm diam, Panos – Carver Chair

Mum’s Magic power

Maybe you like the minimalistic style but you like a little bit of magic as well. Are you a fan of crystals? Or maybe you have a set of tarot cards you love to read. Create your space in a modern style: you don’t need to show everyone that you are a secret fortune teller.

FORNASETTI – Tema e Variazioni Reversible Cushion, TRADITION – Bellevue Floor Lamp AJ7, Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, NORMANN COPENHAGEN – Bau Lamp, Architectural Concrete Wallpaper Grey, Bridget – Accent Armchair, ANTIQUE GLASS MIRRORED, LUXE – Wire Globe

Sanctuary in bright colours

If you love bright colours, don’t be afraid to use them in your space. The trick here is that you use some colours which can be found elsewhere in the home decor – meaning these colours are repeated throughout the home. Complete the design with colours from the neutral spectrum or use gold accessories.

LISA CORTI – Oriental Flowers Cushion, SLAMP – Veli Suspension Ceiling Light, Customizable Art Poster from MAPIFUL, POLS POTTEN – PPno.2 Fauteuil, Connelly – Side Table, Mirto – Hand Tufted Wool Rug

Your whole home is a sanctuary and I want to make it as beautiful as possible. I’ve included some of my favourite tips, but if you need help with the design process or choosing specific colours for your space, let me know! I would love to talk about how we can turn your home into a masterpiece that reflects who you are and what makes you happy.

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