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How to create a Scandinavian style bedroom

scandinavian style bedroom green and pink

I’ve just finished a Scandinavian style bedroom design for my friend and her partner and I am so happy I can show it to you all. They decided to adopt a Scandinavian vibe for their bedroom (even though they might not have called it that!). So, let’s reveal this project.

Terka, my friend (and client) is moving to a new flat with her partner and the bedroom was the first room they wanted to sort out. 

So, after Terka contacted me, I gave her my free design guide and link to this article: Design Your Own Home Better Using These Strategies. These are the first steps toward knowing what you are doing and why.

Scandinavian style bedroom - pink and green

Scandinavian style bedroom – finding help

Many times people jump straight on Pinterest and Instagram without any previous thoughts. As a result, you can end up very confused with all the ideas these platforms show you.

Once Terka had read what I had given her she was entirely sure she had a problem. She discussed her ideas with her partner and realised they both roughly knew what they wanted. Unfortunately, they struggled to talk to each other about it and they were getting nowhere.

So, I got them to go on Pinterest and find pictures they liked – independently – and send them in to me. 
So they did. And guess what?

Their styles were almost identical! They both wanted a simple kind of Scandinavian-style bedroom with a few splashes of colour.

It was a great relief for me (and I bet for them too!).

bedroom - mood board green and grey
 mood board bedroonm green and pink

3D Visualisation

As they live in Portugal, Terka had already chosen the shops they would be buying their furniture and home decor from. She sent me the links to these shops, so I could see if the colours would work well together. She also drew out the layout of the room (Did I mention she works for a construction company?). So, in this case, she didn’t need the full design service I offer, but she still needed a 3D visualisation and a professional eye for colour and design.

So, with what she’d given me, I could just happily create the 3D visualisation for them. This is one of the main services I offer to my clients.

During the design process, I realised that Terka’s chosen mirror might be too small for the wall. Luckily, the company offer a bigger size too, so we could adjust the design accordingly.

3D visualisation is a great help when you want to try out the different options you have. It is amazing how you can see the room before spending money on your furniture or home decor. So it will prevent you from spending on wrong choices.

Now, Terka and Pedro are able to see their bedroom as it would be in future.

Having the images of their room didn’t just give them an idea of how the room would look, but also made them feel happier about moving to their new place.

Scandinavian style bedroom - pink and green

Scandinavian style bedroom – 360 panorama view

How to create a Scandinavian-style bedroom

First of all, think through whether the Scandinavian style is something you truly want. You can check this with your soul if you listen to my guided meditation and within 10 minutes you will know your answer.

After that, you can look for some inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Just don’t waste too much time there. These sites should be used as tools to help inspire you, not confuse you.

When you start looking for furniture, start with the bed. The bed will define the style of the whole room. Choose a simple frame. If you have no idea where to look, just go and check IKEA. It will give you a basic idea of what kind of bed you are looking for.

Once you know which bed you want, you can start looking for smaller pieces of furniture: bedside tables and chests of drawers.

I believe that creating even a simple concept board will help you to imagine your future room. It will give you an idea of how the colours will work together and whether the furniture can be placed next to each other without hurting your eyes 🙂

If you know how to use it, create this in Photoshop otherwise I would recommend a user-friendly online tool, Canva. With this tool, you can easily create a mood board, adding colours, furniture and inspirational images.

And of course, if you are lost during the process, just go and ask a professional – me! In addition, you can always join my free Facebook group Creating your home | Ask an Interior Designer and ask me there.

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