forest themed living room - green colours

The Truth About Forest Themed Living Rooms

Learn how to design a forest-themed living room (or any theme of the living room) in your home in no time.

I found inspiration from nature as the most important one. You can go for a short walk just around your house and you will find millions of little ideas if you keep your eyes open. You can easily apply these ideas in your home and – just like that! – keep your soul happy.

We are spending way too much time inside – Opinium research said that 90% of Brits spend their time indoors, btw they said this way before the pandemic – in 2018 to be exact.

So, it is really important to bring nature or its symbols inside if we are not leaving our homes.

How do you choose a theme for your living room?

The classic answer for this would be, just go to some inspirational websites (and/or Instagram/Pinterest) and see all these beautiful interiors and see what you like.

Yes, it is a brilliant idea, but with one overlooked problem. Very often you go and try to find the answer when you actually don’t know what you are looking for.

Consequently, your research ends up as a big mess of pictures in different styles and different colour schemes and you with a great big headache.

Luckily for you, I have a free guide that will help you to put these fundamental pieces in place.

If you need more help to find your own style, try my guided visualisation – you will find your style and your needs in 10 minutes.

find your style - guided meditation
Find your style – guided meditation

Where to start if you want a Forest themed living room?


Go for a walk

As I said before, a simple walk in nature gives you most of the answers you need. You can see the colour scheme (which is different every season), you can see the right balance of colours and you can see all the different textures around you.

Know what you want

If you know what you want/need in your life, you can start looking for some inspiration.

Let’s say you like real photos of forest or real photos of forest animals, you can start with that. Or maybe you love the texture of the fluffy materials? Or you might love natural materials and you really want the fabulous tree stump side table in your living room?

tree stump table title

Keep it simple

Remember, to keep in mind that you are not recreating a real forest in your home, you are just bringing the mood and feelings of nature into your home.

If you try to recreate nature in your home it might just end up as one big kitsch mess.

  • Choose natural materials over plastic
  • Keep to a natural/neutral colour scheme
  • Find wall art with natural themes
  • Have a comfy chair to enjoy your time at home
Forest themed living room - green colour theme concept board

Forest themed living room – Shop this style

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Forest themed living room - green colour
Forest themed living room - stag on the wall
black floor lamp amara
Forest themed living room - stump tree side table

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