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Unique ways to enjoy Summer with Graham and Green

Summer Graham and Green

This year, British Summertime has really made us wait for it, hasn’t it? Earlier this year, when I received the Summer catalogue from Graham and Green, I was just hoping we would have some nice weather at some point this year. Now it’s finally here and in a proper way. So, to help you enjoy this Summer with Graham and Green.

So, what can you do in your garden?

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Do some gardening

I love the idea of seeing wildlife in my garden. Feeding beautiful birds is a great idea not just for winter. I planted some wildflowers last year and they are a great attraction for bees and butterflies.

Summer with Graham and Green


Relax, take it easy

After all your hard work, find time to relax in your garden too. Imagine the moment: you can just sit and not be distracted by anyone. While I am writing this article this just sounds like pure heaven to me! I’ll have to go to the garden soon too, as my husband and my daughter are singing away while I am trying desperately to focus.)

Summer with Graham and Green

Invite your friends over

Have a BBQ with your friends till the late evening, when the sun is not that hot anymore, and really enjoy a summer night on your outdoor sofa. You can watch all the stars in the sky and maybe make a small (or a big) wish!

Summer with Graham and Green

So, enjoy your Summer with Graham and Green and if you need any help designing your home, don’t be shy and let me help you.

Julie Rawding

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