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Why you will love a Klimt on your bedroom wall

The bedroom is the most important room in our lives, so this article will give you answers about how to choose the right wall art for your bedroom when you live with the love of your life.

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How to choose bedroom wall art?

When choosing your wall art it always depends on your future plans and what your vision for your life is.
Everything you look at affects your feelings and your mood. This energy will affect your everyday steps and actions. Please don’t fall into a trap, believing that what is on your bedroom wall doesn’t matter as you will never see it. This is simply not true.

You are affected by your surroundings even when you sleep; actually, probably even more so! So, your bedroom needs special attention.

Additionally, you will see your chosen art every time when you wake up and whenever you go to bed.

So the first step when choosing wall art is making a decision about your future plan. For example, if you have a partner, I believe you would like to have a nice relationship, you would like to stay together forever and you would like to feel loved and you would like your partner to feel loved. 

Adele Bloch Bauer Portrait – Gustav Klimt

The best artwork for creating this feeling is ideally the two of you as a couple in a large photograph or canvas print. 

 If you don’t have a nice photo of the two of you, you could always choose some classic art or any modern art (the style truly depends on you and the style of your home).

Always keep in mind the image should be of a couple and the couple should be in love. Not a couple that is arguing or a couple looking away from each other. It needs to be a couple that is clearly in love, ideally kissing. So that’s why Klimt’s Kiss is very popular in bedrooms – and that’s why we have it in our bedroom! – because it does exactly what you need.

What type of wall art for the bedroom?

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose a photograph, painting, or printed canvas. Another great option is getting wallpaper or wall murals.

bedroom wall art
In Dreams II – wallpaper

Where to buy the right wall art?

I would love to recommend the company Photowall. I have ordered three canvases from them, each for a different room.
Klimt’s Kiss was especially for our bedroom. The print is clear and beautiful even though we choose the largest size (70x100cm).
This company will even print your own personal photographs if you want to. On top of this, the delivery is excellent! I order ours on a Sunday night and the prints came on Tuesday morning. So it’s super fast. I think their almost 7K of satisfied customers on TrustPilot says a lot too.

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