your menstrual cycle and home decor

Your Menstrual Cycle Can Make You A Superior Decorator

What your menstrual cycle and home decor have in common and how you can use this to your benefit. Find out what kind of housework is great to do at different stages of your menstrual cycle and when the best time is to ask your partner special questions.

Menstrual cycle and home decor

menstrual cycle and home decor - designer's tip


Phase 1 is the time from when the bleeding starts to the time it ends. A normal period may last up to 8 days but on average lasts about 5 or 6.
Your energy is low, you might feel tired and introspective. Your main desire is to rest.

This is an ideal time to accept you are not Superwoman and you need to take a break from the daily grind of never-ending housework. If you are living on a “building site,” try to stay away from heavy work and take your time when you are pushed into situations where you have to do something.

Ultimately, this phase is a really resting phase and you will pay for it later if you skip that.

What to do if decorating your home at this time:


Because you’re likely to be feeling naturally introspective, you can easily describe what you want or don’t want in your home. Write down all your thoughts and feelings about your home. If you find something really irritating, it is great to take a note and deal with it later in the month.


This is a perfect time for envisioning your future, your ideal home or colour scheme. I have a special guided meditation that can help you find your style. Ideal for this phase of your cycle because your intuition is now at its strongest.

Goal setting

Another great activity is goal setting. You can plan all the work that needs to be done and lay down your intentions for the next month.


It is the time between the end of your period and ovulation. At the beginning of this phase, your oestrogen and testosterone are still low, but gradually increase as ovulation gets closer.

As a result, your mood will get better, you will have more energy and your brain will get sharper. You will feel more extroverted and willing to take some risks.

This is a great time to deal with new contractors, make important decisions and brainstorm new ideas for your home.


This is a stage about midway through the cycle. Ovulation divides the two phases of the ovarian cycle (the follicular phase and the luteal phase). Ovulation usually happens about 13-15 days before the start of the next period.

Oestrogen and testosterone continue to rise to peak levels. The higher the level of these hormones climbs, the better you will feel.

Now, this is the time for Superwoman.

But, even better, thanks to Mother Nature you will seem absolutely gorgeous to your partner and it is highly likely he will do anything for you during this time.

The ideal time to discuss anything controversial for your home.

Was he saying no to the beautiful curtains you chose last month? Ask him again now. Do you want an extra bathroom? Ask him now. This is your best chance to get his approval.

And if you want to be 100% successful, prepare some lovely dessert for him (and yourself!) from Sarah Kurtanich’s blog. (Sarah is a health coach, who can help you create a better relationship with food, your body and your period.)

This is also the time in your month when you have the most energy, so you can even break rocks. So, if you have some work that needs to be done (painting walls, changing carpets, moving the furniture, etc.) you can, and should, do it all now.



This is the time from ovulation until the start of the next period; the final two weeks of your cycle.  After ovulation, oestrogen and testosterone gradually decline and the production of progesterone will start instead.

So, after two weeks of getting high, now it is time to go down. And as high you went is as low as you will now go. Like a see-saw, but not nearly as much fun I know.

Because of progesterone, you will feel more homely and in the nesting phase. You might realize you are quite content cleaning, dusting, changing bedsheets etc.

It is a great time for:

  • choosing a colour scheme
  • decorating shelves
  • making beds
  • decorating sofa
  • laying out your dinner table
  • organizing
  • keeping track of your bookkeeping
  • scheduling meetings for next month


If you respect your menstrual cycle and your female energy, there is a greater chance that you will be able to cope with all the decorating and furnishing required in your home.

You will be able to communicate better with your partner about your needs without going mad and being exhausted.

Your partner will be able to better understand you and your monthly phases and, as a team, you will be able to better plan the work needed on your house.

It will help you if you create your own period tracker – check out Miranda Gray’s Moondial record – so you have an exact idea about where you are in your cycle and your level of energy during your cycle. For more resources and spiritual teaching on this theme, check Miranda Gray’s website.


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