How to style a grey living room

    How to style a grey living room? What colour goes with grey in a living room? Is grey a good colour for the living room? What goes with grey walls in a living room? What colour furniture does go with grey walls? Are these your questions? Then, keep reading… How should you style a grey living room? Just imagine you have a room with grey walls, a simple white sofa, one white cabinet, grey shelves, a photograph of a boat on the water, which reminds you of your lovely holiday last year and a couple of nice big plants. How would you style it? With a grey background, you can…

  • get a discount when you shop for home decor

    Get a discount when you shop for home decor

    I love a good old discount. And the best discounts are the ones you get before you actually shop. So you can try the shopping experience, the customer service and the shipping with a little off the price. Because I am always sourcing online for good design deals for my clients, I have noticed that a lot of companies offer a special discount if you sign up for their newsletter. So, I created this list for you so you can go through it and get your home decor/furniture cheaper. Nordic Nest Home of Scandinavian Design – You can choose from over 30,000 Scandinavian-style products from over 200 brands. sign up…

  • your menstrual cycle and home decor

    Your Menstrual Cycle Can Make You A Superior Decorator

    What your menstrual cycle and home decor have in common and how you can use this to your benefit. Find out what kind of housework is great to do at different stages of your menstrual cycle and when the best time is to ask your partner special questions. Menstrual cycle and home decor PHASE 1 – MENSTRUATION Phase 1 is the time from when the bleeding starts to the time it ends. A normal period may last up to 8 days but on average lasts about 5 or 6.Your energy is low, you might feel tired and introspective. Your main desire is to rest. This is an ideal time to accept…

  • forest themed living room - green colours

    The Truth About Forest Themed Living Rooms

    Learn how to design a forest-themed living room (or any theme of the living room) in your home in no time. I found inspiration from nature as the most important one. You can go for a short walk just around your house and you will find millions of little ideas if you keep your eyes open. You can easily apply these ideas in your home and – just like that! – keep your soul happy. We are spending way too much time inside – Opinium research said that 90% of Brits spend their time indoors, btw they said this way before the pandemic – in 2018 to be exact. So,…

  • finish your home decor

    Find A Quick Way To Finish Your Home Decor

    Have you started furnishing/decorating your home and never finished? Find out what to do when you want to finally finish your home decor. Do you know how some rooms seem to never quite be finished? It could be that skirting boards are still lying around. It could be that pictures are still not on the wall, or you never decided on the colours of the walls that you never got back round to doing… As a consequence, you are living your life in an unfinished home and slowly starting to think this it is normal. Well, no, it is not. But you’re not alone by any stretch. (Yes, even I…


    A Cosy living room – How to get it right

    A cosy living room is something we all want. Somewhere with a comfortable sofa where we can cuddle with our loved ones, a soft, gentle throw we can cover our-self with if we see a scary spider and a good quality candle with a pleasant smell which can help create a mystic atmosphere in the evening… These days, it seems, we need a cosy living room more than ever. During the day, It serves as a playground, classroom, office, conference room and everything in between. In the evening, it will change to a posh bar or a cinema (or just a place where an exhausted parent or two can stare…


    The Truth About E-design In 3 Little Words

    What is e-design? Virtual design? Online interior design? Remote design service? All these different names describe the design service which can be delivered anywhere from everywhere, thanks to modern technology and the internet. It has been several years since e-design started. I did my first virtual design in 2008! I lived in Malta and my mum’s friend needed help with her one-bedroom flat in the Czech Republic. She wasn’t thinking of hiring a designer who would come to her house; she was worried it would be expensive and she knew she could do most of the jobs herself. So she didn’t need anyone to do the full job for her.…