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Payhip – How to use it as an interior designer

Payhip – an e-commerce platform for selling digital downloads and courses, where no technical skills are required.

I bet at some point in your designer journey you felt you would love to have some passive income. Finding clients, creating designs for them and promoting your services is pretty hard work. So, it is lovely to have a kind of cushion with a side income.

Diversifying your income is one of the best ways to deal with today’s economy. Selling products or services digitally is one of your options. 

There are lots of online tools that can help you achieve this. The problem is that they are often either expensive or may be difficult to set up and run. A few years ago, I found Payhip and it is my best friend now.

It is really easy to use and, furthermore, I pay fees only when I sell. So there is no extra pressure to make money every month just to run a system. I find it pretty amazing. I actually have two accounts because I run one for my Czech clients in the Czech language and my other account in English.

So what can you sell thru Payhip?

Digital products

So, for example, I sell my special visualisation ‘Find your own style’ which is a downloadable product. This is a simple meditation I recorded and it will take you to a special place where your soul wishes to live.

Designs. As designers, you can even sell Interior Design Moodboards with a click-to-buy shopping list if you want to.

>>> Buy Find your own style – guided meditation


Are you planning to teach some tips and tricks to your audience? Then use Payhip to create your first course. Not everyone is ready for a personal designer. Some people like to do a bit of DIY so, if you love teaching, creating a course would be a great way to make a passive income.

Payhip for Subscription

My personal favourite is the Membership option on Payhip. Selecting this option means you can set up a subscription system, and this means recurring income for you! Having a subscription system for your business is simply the best! It brings a regular payment to your account so you can calculate how much money you will make each month. 

Getting a regular income is pretty unpredictable in the design business – I bet you already know that! – so just think about how you would be able to help your clients and charge them on monthly basis for it.
Can you make a regular Zoom call to your followers where they ask questions? Or maybe you can offer a follow-up group after your course which you can charge monthly? These are just some ideas that can help you to start thinking differently about your interior design business.

Check the Payhip Products page and you will be surprised how much the company can offer you. 

So what do you think? Are you going to use Payhip for your interior design business?
I’d love to see what you go for.

Bye for now x

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