Design Your Own Home Better Using These Strategies

I believe that everyone deserves to live in a nice and happy home. Therefore you have probably tried to design your own home many times, but sometimes the result was OK and sometimes it was a complete disaster.

You are scrolling through all the beautiful pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, that you are trying to get the right answers from your Facebook friends but you are still not quite sure what you are doing.

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Design your own home with a holistic approach

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#01 your home is your mirror

I don’t want to just give you a simple to-do list; I would rather give you a chance to look at your home as if it’s your own mirror.

Our homes mirror us – who we are – in good times and in bad.

Once you realize this, you will understand more about your life and your environment. You will start to understand why some things are happening in your life or why you are making certain decisions.

Here is a simple example: Have you ever passed through a run-down living area? Have you noticed the environment there? Houses with broken windows, unkept lawns, open bins and rubbish flying everywhere?

How did you feel there?

I bet you felt as if you could throw rubbish on the floor, because “who cares?”, right?

Would you think the same way in the areas where the lawns are as beautiful as those on a golf course, where the pavements are so clean you could almost eat from them?

Of course not. This is exactly how our environment shapes us (and yes, our parents have a hand in it, too!). But I can tell you it is much harder to keep things spick and span surrounded by a terrible mess.

And I swear, when you live in a mess your life is a mess too.

#02 your home manifests your life

Our homes are not only our mirrors, but they are also our greatest manifestation tool.

Just imagine:

You are living in the run-down area from the previous example. But you haven’t given up on your life as your neighbours have.

So, you are on your way home and you see some rubbish littering the area around your property. What would you do?

Of course, you clean at least around your front door, because you know how important it is for overall positive energy.

Your home will welcome you with the beautiful scent of roses and well-thought-out decor, which reflects your style and your life intentions.

This story has two possible happy endings:

  • Because of your good example of regularly cleaning around your house, the neighbours will be inspired to copy your actions and start cleaning too. In no time you will all live in a nicer area.
  • Or, because of your inner work and manifestation through your home design and decor, you will find yourself a better place to live (or to design your own home)

My “Perfect Home for Your Soul” is everything you need to get a clear idea of what needs to be done in your home.

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#03 start with the end

Whatever you do in your life, start with the end goal in mind.

This is probably the most important thing to understand, but it took me so many years to actually really get it. We so often focus on the detail right in front of us instead of on the big result.

And there is no difference when it comes to home decor. This makes sense to me because of my background in architecture.

Architecture is a typical example of an industry that focuses on the end result. Very often the architect is designing something that has never been built before. You have to trust your gut (and knowledge) to prove that your idea will work.

What can you learn from an architect?

Architects draw everything first. Every detail. Because you can draw anything on paper – or, in this day and age, more likely plot it out on a computer – but the principle is the same! This way, problems are solved (or pre-empted) in the office rather than on-site.

With home decor, it is absolutely the same. If you plan everything ahead, you won’t be surprised later and, most importantly, you won’t waste time and money buying what you don´t need.

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