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How to create a green living room in 3 minutes

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Green living room – being inspired by nature. How life is, we are spending more and more time indoors. It might sound unbelievable but it actually accounts for around 90% of our time! That’s why we need to create a home environment which will remind us that we are still part of nature.

Almost 70% of this time is actually spent at home (thanks to COVID-19). You can read How to stay resistant to coronavirus in one of my previous articles.

This article has been updated in July 2022.

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Real green plants

Not only do we need fresh air and to be able to see the Sun for our mental health; we need to see real plants as well. So, if you want to add more green to your living room, you should start by start by adding real plants.

To do this, you can have several large plants which will remind you of the trees. In the same vein, you can have plants hanging from the ceiling in hanging baskets in the corner of the room.

I loved having these as a child in my parents flat. This always calmed me when I was looking at them. As I grew up in a post-communist concrete housing estate, having real plants in our home was really refreshing.

  • the mature plant gives a home character, it brings context and personality
  • combine small plants for a big effect
  • make a decision what is the focus of attention – plant or pot
  • choose the pot to support the design and style of your room

Create Forest theme living room

forest themed living room - green colours

Green living room – walls

If you can not have as many plants as you would like, why not try very trendy green walls? You can either choose artificial ones or go for real living walls. These could be simple moss walls or a complex system known as vertical gardens. Obviously, using real plants will both purify your air and add an extra wow factor to your home.

However, the simplest solution for adding a splash of green colour to your living room is painting some walls green. If you are thinking of adding some decor to the walls, you should check out wallpapers as well.

Green living room 3d render

Green living room – rugs

If you don’t like the idea of painting the walls, but you still think the room needs a larger green area, change the rug. Alternatively, you can add green curtains.

Rugs and curtains both take up large amounts of space in a room but can be changed easily according to your mood or time of year. Learn how to choose the right rug.

Green chairs and sofa

I should not forget green chairs or sofas. These look absolutely beautiful, especially the velvet variety in deep forest green. Adding this to your room will introduce a feeling of calm. Therefore, you will enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

Green living room moodboard

Do you love green?

Let me know in the comments below and have a green day,

Julie xxx

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