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Is holistic interior design something you really need?

It has been clearly proven that the environment is affecting our wellbeing. And unfortunately, issues and illnesses like insomnia, stress, and depression are all on the rise. 

This article has been updated in July 2022

Holistic interior design can help us with all of these. That is why we need to think more about our homes and work areas, especially if we spend most of our time indoors. Both of these areas contribute to our physical and psychological health, so how we can create areas which actually improve our lives?

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holistic interior design - yellow living room

We need to live in our homes comfortably and happily. 

In general, architects are still talking about form and function but completely missing the aspect related to improving the quality of our lives. And yes, I know this because I am an architect:)

The primary purpose of Holistic interior design is to achieve well-being.

We need to feel well when we work, learn, play or sleep.

We can look at the holistic approach to interior design as a “new age – happy-clappy thing,” which solely relates to finding harmony for our body, mind and spirit. Or we can look at it as a complex system, which supports our wellbeing.

There are three key aspects which each have a huge effect on us:

The Physical, The Emotional, and The Visual

Holistic interior design and The Body

As a human being, you need to feel comfortable and feel free to move around your space. 

The physical aspect depends mainly on your lifestyle and daily routines. Even though we are all different, we still need to follow basic ergonomics principles and environmental psychology to achieve the right solution when designing.

That´s why you might feel stressed when you can´t move freely around your home.
Do you get this when you try to walk around the coffee table which is too close to your sofa?

Holistic interior design and The Spirit

Emotions may cause most of our troubles and it is very difficult to figure out what the ‘stressor’ is. Consequently, we might feel happy in one space but uncomfortable in another one and aren’t able to understand why.

Often, this relates to the design concept and how it originates.

We are all different, so someone might feel super comfy in a big open space, while someone else would freak out in the same place. Someone might like a little old cottage and feel nice and cosy in it, while someone else would think it cluttered.


Holistic interior design and The Mind

Pretty things make us happy.

That’s why the visual side of interiors is so important. The style we choose for our homes speaks about us. It says what we like and what we stand for.

Holistic interior design - living room

It needs to please us every time we look at it.

For example, if we enter our home and see a family photo, we know we are at home with people who we love and who love us.

In general, for me, such holistic interior design is what every designer should aim for. It is not just a ‘visual’ thing:

It is a complex solution to finding the right design for another human being who needs to feel comfortable, happy and safe.  

There are several ways that a good designer can achieve this. So, never be shy: ask your designer why a certain selection was chosen for you.
There is always a way to create a timeless interior specifically for you.

It is your home and your space where you and your family will live. 

edesign virtual design Julie Rawding

So, if you need any help with your home, don´t hesitate and send me a quick message.

Reach out today and I’d be happy to help.

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