compromise over decorating

Find a happy way to compromise over decorating

Experience suggests that decorating your house with your other half might be very tricky, but coming to a compromise over decorating leads to finding a way you can both feel happy in your home. So, here are some tips and tricks for better communication between you two so that you can actually create a cohesive …

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forest themed living room - green colours

The Truth About Forest Themed Living Rooms

Learn how to design a forest-themed living room (or any theme of the living room) in your home in no time. I found inspiration from nature as the most important one. You can go for a short walk just around your house and you will find millions of little ideas if you keep your eyes …

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finish your home decor

Find A Quick Way To Finish Your Home Decor

Have you started furnishing/decorating your home and never finished? Find out what to do when you want to finally finish your home decor. Do you know how some rooms seem to never quite be finished? It could be that skirting boards are still lying around. It could be that pictures are still not on the …

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Frida Kahlo bedroom blog title

Bedroom for a teenage girl

Your home might be nice and calm in all those neutral colours. You just feel so zen when you are there… And then you daughter decides that she doesn’t care about your Scandinavian and minimalistic look and covers all her walls with colourful posters and Frida Kahlo self-portraits. Having a bedroom for a teenage girl …

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