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    OMG! The Best natural tree stump table Ever!

    I remember when I once did a living room design and my friend saw me adding a tree stump table to it. My friend just said: “Julie, you and your stump tables!”. I think it is official: I am obsessed with tree stump tables. A tree stump table is an easy way for you to add a more natural aspect to your living room. I don’t know if it is because I grew up near a forest or just because I simply like nature. Also, if you are interested in Feng Shui, having a tree stump table will add the element of wood to your space. Before you start any…


    Project reveal: Apartment in Norway

    I can’t describe how happy I was when a client asked me for help with her apartment in Norway. I was probably dancing around our living room! It is funny because, in the end, it really doesn’t really matter whether I’m designing a house in the Czech Republic, San Francisco or Norway. But it made me happy because I was like ‘My first Scandinavian design for someone in a Scandinavian country! Yippee!’ Anyway, my client needed a solution for their apartment in Norway. She and her husband were discussing the options for their space but they just weren’t able to agree on something. And even when they almost agreed they…


    This Article Will Make Your Home Office Amazing

    Learn how to set up a home office, a space where you will be super-focused and engaged. It might be a separate room or it might be a corner of your kitchen, either way, it is your home office. This is the space where you write your articles for your blog, where you design websites for your clients, or where you test new cosmetics. How to set up a home office in your living room First of all, plan where in the house your sacred space will be. Is it your own room? Lucky you. Is it a corner of your living room? Don’t worry, just incorporate a flexible furniture…

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    The Truth About Green living room In 3 Minutes

    Green living room - being inspired by nature. How life is, we are spending more and more time indoors. It might sound unbelievable but it actually accounts for around 90% of our time! That's why we need to create a home environment which will remind us that we are still part of nature.


    A Cosy living room – How to get it right

    A cosy living room is something we all want. Somewhere with a comfortable sofa where we can cuddle with our loved ones, a soft, gentle throw we can cover our-self with if we see a scary spider and a good quality candle with a pleasant smell which can help create a mystic atmosphere in the evening… These days, it seems, we need a cosy living room more than ever. During the day, It serves as a playground, classroom, office, conference room and everything in between. In the evening, it will change to a posh bar or a cinema (or just a place where an exhausted parent or two can stare…

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    Bedroom for a teenage girl

    Your home might be nice and calm in all those neutral colours. You just feel so zen when you are there… And then you daughter decides that she doesn’t care about your Scandinavian and minimalistic look and covers all her walls with colourful posters and Frida Kahlo self-portraits. Having a bedroom for a teenage girl can turn your life into a real mess. Not only are teenage girls, in general, very sensitive, but as well they know better than everyone… I bet you still remember yourself at that age 🙂 Don’t you? There is a good chance that your daughter might even want to paint the whole room black. “Where…